5 reasons why your child should go to Montessori school

Montessori, Montessori, Montessori. If you have a preschool child you’ve probably heard this word many times. You’ve heard about Maria Montessori, you know there are plenty of montessori materials, you know montessori is good for your child, but why? Here are 5 most important reasons why you should give Montessori school a chance.


Have you heard that joke, what is the difference between jail and school? No? Prisoners know what are they jailed for! Well yeah, school isn’t always fun. 7 years old kids sitting still while listening teacher for 6 hours a day isn’t really nice image of childhood. Not in Montessori school. Kids are learning while playing with toys which they’ve chosen by themselves in time they wanted to. Freedooooooom!


Teaching without screaming, threatening or commanding? Possible and effective! Montessori way of teaching is based on respectful relationship between teachers and pupils. Teachers are trained to teach kids how to behave in kind respectful way.


Kids raised in Montessori school know how to use their toys and even more important for you, how to tidy them up. At school they do it naturally after every activity they put the toy back to the shelf where they found it. If you keep this rule at home too, entering into kids room will never drive you crazy anymore.


Kids in Montessori school are not separated according to their age. They are supported to help and teach little ones, they notice others abilities and needs and they learn how to share with others.


There is no task that your child has to pass even if he’s not ready yet. Not every child has the ability to write or count in 5 years. They start when they’re interested in it. They’re not compared with others, they’re not graded, not judged. They feel support which teacher provides them but nobody push them to do something they don’t like. The Montessori motto is ‘Follow the child’ – teach the way he likes.

Now you know why is Montessori school the best for your child! Look at following links and find out more about this educational method! https://www.mariamontessori.org/about-us/why-montessori/ http://www.montessori.org.uk/about-us/what-is-montessori http://www.montessorieducationuk.org/?q=about



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