5 ways how to find a peace in your mind

Do you suffer from stress? Do you keep complaining about your life? Do you see everything negative? Well everybody does from time to time. It’s important to stop it and concentrate your mind on good things that happens to you. Turn the negativity off for a while and find a peace in yourself. Here are five ways how to get it.

#1 Meditation

If you haven’t try it yet, do so! You might think it’s hard, you can’t do it, you’re not that type of ’budha’ person.. But what is so difficult about sitting down for 10 minutes a day and focusing the mind on yourself? Just breathe and listen to your body and your feelings. To slow down the flow of your thoughts might seem difficult from the beginning but there are several ways that can be helpful. One of them which is really effective is using an app as Headspace or Breathe which lead your thoughts and helps you stay focused. Meditation is really great activity to calm you down and help you concentrate on the important things in your life.

#2 Pray

You may consider it antiquated and not effective to keep saying prayers and repeat it all over again. But why would people do it for centuries if it doesn’t work? Many people’s minds fall to altered state of consciousness when they keep repeating same sentences. That has actually the same impact as meditation. If you believe in God it might be the right way for you to feel thankful and in love for a while.

#3 Solitude

This is what many people miss because of their lifestyles, jobs and families. Some days we are so busy talking, listening, thinking about others problems that we don’t have time to listen to our own feelings. We need rest! The best way would be to escape every weekend to a lovely country house where you can just be with yourself. But if you don’t have this possibility or you have kids who need your attention maybe have a half an hour bath every day would work too.

#4 Sport

Again. Not even in this article is sport missing. Sport is alpha and omega of every happy human being. We have bodies built to move. You’re tired, lazy and watching telly seems to be much better activity for your peace.. But your brain needs oxygen not another shower of negativity. There are plenty of sports you can choose from. Running, yoga, gym, aerobics, dance or at least walking. You just need to find what makes you feel good. You’ll see the difference!

#5 Astrology

Yep, you’ve read it correctly, it’s not a joke. I know many people for whom it really works. Horoscopes, tarot, fortune telling and other inexplicable things can really help if you believe them. Sometimes it’s a good idea to let the stars decide about our destiny, stop judging ourselves for things that happens. Just say ‘it was written in the stars’!

These were five common ways how to find the missing peace. For some people work meditation others find peace in a church. Important is to search for a way that works for you best and do it regularly. So why don’t you try one by one to find the right for you? It’s really worth it!


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