5 ways how to save money on a trip

Bank holiday weekend is coming and you really want to enjoy it. But how to have fun and get rest without spending a fortune for it? Here are five helpful tips how to save money on a trip!

#1 Plan your budget

First point is really important. You need to plan all of your items you want to spend money for and exact amount of money for every single one. Plan journey, accommodation, food, drinks, activities and some extra pocket money. Cause you know yourself, you’re gonna buy an ice cream. Keep the budget in mind!

#2 Go by train or bus

Very good tip how to rest while travelling, do something ecological and also save money is to use public transport. If you’re not sure where to go let the cheap ticket decide. Tickets can be the highest item in your budget. Make it lower by buying cheap fare which rail and bus services use to offer.

#3 Go camping

It’s funny, adventurous and much cheaper than a hotel. There are so many advantages that camping brings. You’ll sleep in nature, you can bbq there, meet new people and kids will have much more fun outside. Just stop being so comfortable and go camping!

#4 Cook food

Bills at restaurants might be really hefty. Even for two beers. So don’t waste your money, bring your own stuff and prepare food by yourself. Bake a cake at home, bring some fruit and vegetables, stop in a supermarket to buy some beers, meat, buns and make your own burgers. If you’ll go camping this is a must!

#Plan activities

After two days of lying down on a beach you can get bored. Then you’ll look for activities and games you can buy. Be ready! Bring a ball, frisbee, racquets, playing cards, anything you like to have fun with your friends and family.

Holiday doesn’t need to be with full service in five stars hotel. Take some of my tips and enjoy your low cost holiday weekend in a tent surrounded by nature. Here are some useful links where you can find cheap fares for a traina bus or even  a plane.




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