5 easy steps how to be healthier

Fitness. Workout. Organic, Bio, Green food. You know about all these good things that you should do for your body. You want to be healthy, strong.. but you just love your lazy lifestyle. Even if you keep trying by following fitness gurus on Instagram and reading Health and Fitness magazines, it still haven’t force you to start working out and eat salads? No worries! You don’t need to make radical changes in your lifestyle to make your body healthier. Here are 5 easy how to get healthy body without torture!

#1 Move yourself

Don’t need to workout, just move. It would be great if you’d have pleasure of sweating at a gym. But if you hate that place (like me), there are many ways how you can move your body without listening mens roaring. Just walk up the stairs instead of using escalator, run after your child, go by bus from time to time, ride a bicycle if you can, do some squats while brushing your teeth.. Just try to move your body whenever you can!

#2 Give fruit a chance

Oh, come on, I’m sure you actually like taste of some fruit. Eat it then! In the morning, as a snack, as a desert.. Or how about smoothies? Have you tried it yet? Here are some great easy recipes how to prepare them. Or, I know what you’d fall in love with! Frozen yoghurt! So easy to prepare and sooo good, plus good for your body too. Check out these tips!

#3 Vegetables.. am I asking a lot?

Some people are just not fans of vegetables but it’s so good for you! It doesn’t need to be full bowl of salad! Try to bake some carrots and parsnip with your potato, with a bit of olive oil and seasoning.. mmm so yummy! How about vegetable soup? Bean burger? There are so many amazing veggie meals you would actually enjoy. Have a look at these recipes and try to cook some which sound good to you. Add 3 of them into your menu!

#4 Water yourself

Drink water! Not juice, not coffee, not any sweet rubbish. Water! And drink it a lot! In the morning at least a cup, big one would be great! You can add some lemon juice in it or try tea – green or herbal is the best. Find a healthy drink you like! You need to drink 2 litters a day to give your body what it needs, so make it nice and enjoy it!

#5 Healthy body – healthy mind

If you want to be healthy you need to be happy! It’s easy to say, to be happy.. You need to work on it. It’s a long way of acceptation and forgiving ending in finding the greatest love – yourself! Take care of your soul, find a time for yourself and work on happy peaceful mind. You can find out more in my article 5 ways how to find a peace in your mind.

If you don’t have pleasure of working out and eating healthy low fat meals try these easy steps. You don’t need to torture yourself to get healthier and happier body. Just a bit of effort and your body will thank you.


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