5 best hot pots in Iceland (by the Ring Road)

Iceland. Country of thousands of waterfalls, hundreads of glaciers, lots of powerful volcanos, stunning views from another planet and the most amazingly clear hot springs. You can see lots of breathtaking attractions in Iceland but for me the greatest experience was to feel the heat of the Earth when diving into hot water. In our ten days holiday we’ve driven whole island and searched for the best hot pots near the route 1, which is accessible for a small 2WD car. Here is a choice of our 5 best hot tubes.


#1 Hrunalaug


This amazing natural hot spring was one of first we’ve visited, cause we started our Ring Road from Reykjavik towards east coast. Hrunalaug is situated near town Flúðir, which is on the road 30. You can’t miss it if you visit the most famous geysers Geysir and Strokkur and then you’ll go on south towards road 1. There is a lovely campsite in Flúðir, nice and clean facilities and very kind owner who told us about Hruni where the hot spring is. In this little town is a Secret Lagoon too, which is very favourite but more commercial so we’ve decided to go for a private bath. Hrunalaug is a few minutes walk from the parking area. There is a little shed next to the pot, using as a changing room so you don’t need to run in a swimsuit from your car. The pool is set in a lovely green valley, where the natural hot spring water collects into a stone-walled pool. The temperature of water is just right! If you’ll be lucky you can enjoy it by yourself but it’s big enough for 6 – 8 people.

Hrunalaug hot pot Iceland


#2 Djúpivogur


We’ve spent maybe 1 hour of looking for this one but it was worthing! The hot tube is not in the town Djúpivogur, as we expected, but maybe 2 kilometres before it. It’s actually right next to route 1, you can see a steam area from a car on the right side when you coming from west. This hot pot was really hot one! It was such a cold weather when we came there, I was running from the car looking forward to soak my freezing body in a hot water but I jumped out after putting my feet in. It takes a while to get use to the temperature but after 10 minutes I felt so hot and relaxed, even cold rain didn’t bother me at all. This pool is made of an old vessel used as a cheese tub. I think it’s not very known cause we’ve enjoyed it alone, that’s why I strongly recommend to stop by here, warm up and continue to east cost fjords.

Djupivogur hot pot Iceland - kópia


#3 Ostakarið

photo by:

Another pool made from a cheese tub, Ostakarið which actually means a cheese tub. Ostakarið is one of the best spots on the north coast where you can relax. It’s in the lovely harbour city called Húsavík in the north Iceland, about an hour from Akureyri. The view on the harbour full of sailboats was really stunning. After we passed the harbour there was a road up on a hill leading to the hot pot, lonely place behind the city with a view on the sea. There is an entrance fee around 400 ISK which is not much for two great hot tubes of different temperature, a big changing room and a hot shower. Húsavík is not on the route 1 but just around 40 minutes north from it, you can go for a whale watching tour here and later soak a frozen body in a great healing water.

Ostakarid hot pot Iceland


#4 Drangsnes


Well, does this picture need any comment? This is the best of the best! Hot spring that really has it all: 3 pools of different temperature, breathtaking view on the sea of west fjords, changing room with shower and if you’ll be as lucky as us lovely sunny weather. There is no entry fee but a collection box by the changing room where you can donate some money. Drangsnes is not on the Ring road but on the north west peninsula. It’s about 2 hours north from Staður which is on the Route 1. We decided to visit it anyway and we can highly recommend to turn off the main road and enjoy loneliness and peace of the nature. The road is not smooth in every part but you’ll pass by beautiful Iceland’s landscapes with west fjords views. There is a lot to see on this peninsula, such as Dynjandi waterfall, sandy beach in Rauðisandur, Látrabjarg cliff known for its bird colony including puffins and lots of amazing hot pots. We haven’t got time to explore other attractions but it was worthing the way up there. I mean, look at the picture!

Drangsnes hot pots Iceland


#5 Landbrotalaug


This hot pot is ideal for a couple who want to enjoy the hot bath by themselves. It’s a tiny pool in the Snaefellsnes peninsula ( I know it’s not on the Ring road but just 30 minutes far! ), it can only fit 2 – 3 people but it’s deep enough to cover you to your neck. Which is amazing!! The temperature is great, I wouldn’t have mixed it better. The access path is not ideal, you need to cross a stream to get there but I did it in crocs without problems. The only problem was to find it! I was searching for descriptions about location for an hour maybe and we passed it 3 times either. So how to get there: when you’ll come from Rykjavík you need to turn left from Route 1 to road 54. Then after approx 20 minutes you’ll pass a volcano Eldborg and then turn left to Stóra – Hraun, follow the road where you’ll pass old farm house and then you’ll see a car park. Hooray! Now if there’s no car you can go to enjoy private bath. Next to the pool is a little wall built from rocks which provides privacy from the car park so you can change behind it and quickly jump into the hot water. Enjoy!

Landbrotalaug hot pot Iceland

There are so many hot pots to enjoy in Iceland. But lots of them are located in not accessible places for small cars. All of our 5 best pots are easy to get to by any car. You can have a look on page www.hotpoticeland.com and find other interesting places to bath in. Hope you’ll get the most of Icelandic hot springs!


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